Thursday, January 24, 2013


"Do you nurture your connections?" 

Multiple Mom posed that question in her recent blog, "A month of Health: Connection"
Best Friends Forever
It really makes one think about your connections and friendships over the years. We all had childhood friends but how connected or central are they to your life now? Over the years I think I have lost the inner tools of how to be a friend. I am a Mom, a wife, a daughter, sister, niece...not to mention chauffeur, scheduler, home economist, maid..the many hats of a stay at home parent. But what about that part of me that is a friend?

My best friend/sister is Kelley, we met through Teens Encounter Christ almost 24 years ago. We were pretty much joined at the hip and many thought we were sisters. She introduced me to ball room dancing, a love of country and prim and listening to the really oldie music from the 50's. lol We are 10 years a part in age but we are kindred spirits where age makes no difference. She was my maid of honor and she is Godmother to all my children who lovingly call her Aunt Kelley. She is the kind of friend that even if we don't talk we can pick up as if we never missed a beat in each other's lives. She never judges and has always been a guiding light on whats truly important in life. Multiple Mom made me realize that I need to nurture that friendship more. We live in the same town now, so I have no excuse anymore. I don't have little children underfoot or to keep me home so why not drop in for a visit. I miss her terribly and I know that it would be good for me spiritually.

Being connected is central to staying focused on health and weightloss. WW's has been very helpful in driving that home with me with each weekly meeting. Its helped me to keep control and get new insight, and while supporting others I am feeling more empowered. My goal this Spring is to find another outlet to find new friendships and nurture them spiritually and physically. Perhaps an excercise class through the college or a local gym...maybe joining a pick up volleyball game that another WW member told us about at the beginning of the year. I am horribly shy but I need to break through it and just drop in as she suggested. It would be fun and if an 75 yr old can do it...why can't I? lol

Weigh-in this week was good and WL has been consistent. My total loss since beginning just after Thanksgiving is 9.2 lbs...really hoping to break through the 10 lbs next week. My average weekly loss is between 1-3lbs which is a healthy rate of loss. I will never be one of those people to lose 4-6 lbs in one week, but I am good with the rate I have now.

My mantra that still sings in my head each week is "Just keep swimming!"


FogDog said...

Slow and steady always wins the race! Keep it up.
-FogDog Weight Loss

Melissa said...

Thank you FogDog for your encouragement...backatchya!