Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If you talk the talk..

You need to be ready to walk the walk!

How many times have you said to someone "DON'T let the scale define you! A maintain is better than big gain! Don't sweat it, your body is just will show your loss next week!" Each of these have been offered up by me in support of others on a bad scale day, but when it comes to my own self talk I am the last one to say it to myself.

I really wanted to hit my 10 lb mark and to be honest with you, my scale at home on Monday showed it. But LIFE once again didn't get the memo that I didn't have time for it and I woke up with an inflamed left eye and unable to drive. I really debated on whether to attend on Tuesday knowing my home scale was showing a fluctuation. I talked myself into just going for the meeting but not face the scale. I just didn't think I could handle the disappointment. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I needed the disappointment. WTF? Who the hell needs more disappointmnet? lol Well, its those very disappointments that empower us and the Lord knows, I have had my share to overcome.

Just call me Superwoman! lol

I love my leader Sue because she was ready for me. She knew that my back and eye were hurting but she reminded me that when you have inflammation in your body you tend to fluctuate in weight. ( I was up .4 lbs) The same thing happened in early January with my neck/shoulder, how fast I forgot. I was still bummed but that's life. We can't measure success by the scale alone. I know I am feeling in control of my body and my clothes are getting loose. I stayed for the meeting and that was the pep talk I needed and I will hit and celebrate my 10 lb mark next week with my regular WW peeps. This week was not meant to be my week and that's life.

I did get to celebrate for my Mom though, she has been with WW 360 for 3 weeks and she has lost just over 5 lbs. Each week she is surprised to have a loss because she says she has her naughty moments but she is learning the secret to WW's. You don't have to be perfect to be successful. Life happens and WW's makes this so easy for us to adjust when that happens, to learn and move on. What I love most about her doing WW's with me? She is my support person when I am feeling discouraged. All the things I normally tell her and others, she gave right back to me tenfold yesterday. LOVE IT!

Top accomplishment in January: Pre-planning and tracking...EACH and EVERY DAY regardless if I feel that I have been naughty I have tracked it. Move over January because I am so ready to be done with you

February goal: Earn at least 1 AP (activity point) every day. Still singing my mantra, "Just keep swimming!".


Cindy said...

In my book a little wiggle room in my clothes trumps a number on the scale any day!

Melissa said...

You betchya, Cindy!! Thanks for the encouragement!