Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Measuring progress...

This morning, I am assessing my overall progress since re-joining WW's. I have been there so many times over the last 4 years, stopping and re-starting and not fully embracing the program 24/7. This time I joined just after Thanksgiving because I think I really just hit rock bottom emotionally. I have blogged about this past year and the holidays are never easy, even more so now. WW's gave me that lifeline I needed. I have made attending the meeting a priority and I have only missed one meeting. PROGRESS

I have learned that I can't be successful if I don't control my SPACES...I do that by planning our meals (3 days at a time) and doing our grocery shopping. I have allowed my husband to be the cook over the years, afterall its his trade but with that I get food in abundance and not always made healthy. I have taken my kitchen back so that I know what and how its prepared. I am in control of my Space. PROGRESS

Who wouldn't want instant WL when following any plan. But when you do those plans that often promise magic results you are also putting yourself at physical risk including anemia and vitamin defiencies which can produce symptoms of fatigue, headaches, hair loss, jaundice, racing heart. Losing weight should not be dangerous for your health. Losing weight longterm is not about just what you eat, if it was that easy many of us could control it. Its an emotional and spiritual journey as well. I get it..I am really getting it now. PROGRESS

I didn't get overweight/obese in 6 weeks so why would I expect to be thin in 6 weeks. This is not a sprint...this is my life longterm. I want this not justvfor now but for always. In six weeks, I have lost 6.8 lbs. I did slip up after New Years for many reasons.. bad choices, loss of focus on my routines and tracking, didn't attend my meeting and not controlling my spaces. It didn't last long and I stood accountable on the scale and I didn't let it define me or give me reason to talk negatively to myself anymore. Its LIFE and that is what I am loving about the NEW WW's 360. They get it and they are helping me to get it..and stay with it. In good times and in bad...they are my life-line and I need to keep holding onto them. PROGRESS

My Mom and I, taken almost 3 years ago.
My Mom joined WW's a week ago with me. She had done Medical Weightloss and spent so much money on their products the first time she did it. She lost all her weight and looked phenominal. Then Cancer entered her life...all the routines she had in place went out the window when she became a caregiver. Cancer does not just destroy the life its consuming, it affects everyone who cares about that person most especially the caregiver. Its so easy to lose yourself in the process because everything you do day to day is about that person. Medical WL didn't teach her the tools on how to do the program and cope with LIFE. She regained it all and along with it she lost some of her self esteem. This past week I have been teaching her the new program, supporting her, shopping with her and even cooking for her and with her. On the days I wasn't there she would slip and she thought she had done so horribly. Its so easy to talk yourself into giving up when you are so good at negative self talk. I reminded her that on WW's its okay..that's life. Every day and every meal is a new opportunity to start fresh. Track it and move on. Those words really hit home for her when she weighed in...she lost 1.6 lbs. She was in shock. lol Lightbulbs are going off in her and she is taking control of her spaces. After our meeting, we cleaned out her fridge. Total purge and then we made a meal plan for the next 3 days and went shopping. She can do this!  PROGRESS

We got this!

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