Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter it too early?

New Year's didn't go off the way I had hoped...mind over matter...mind over matter.. no, honestly, it sucked. Woke up New Year's Eve with a pinched nerve on the right side of my neck and after 5 days I was just starting to feel it release only to wake up Monday morning to find that it had moved to the left side. I can't spend my life on pain meds, I know I have to keep moving.

Yesterday was for me the real start for the New and spouse are back to school/work and I have my space back. I got busy early in the morning and got my dishes done and myself pulled together before running off to my WW meeting. We talked about what our plan or resolutions were for the New Year..perhaps start to exercise or try new recipes etc. My plan is to get my home organized, get myself on a personal level organized and with any luck my family will fall in line.

I am anxiously awaiting a FedEX from Old Navy, I took advantage of their New Year sale online for work out clothes. I fully intend to start moving one way or another. Whether its at home or walking the mall or joining a gym or maybe even Curves again. Its time to take control and get fit again.

Weightloss since Christmas took that small slide..I was doing great until the pinched nerve. I haven't been tracking but I also know I haven't been horrible at my eating either. I think I am retaining fluid (my husband tends to I am back to cooking) and the inflammation/pain, I am sure adds to my weight flucuating. I am back to tracking though and I am constantly reminding myself this isn't a sprint to get thin...I am a work in progress mind, body and health.

Short term goals this week is to try at least 2 new recipes, track daily and figure out how to set up my darn Active Link that I bought at WW's yesterday.


Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Pinched nerve definitely NOT FUN! Do you see a chiropractor? I LOVE mine. He is really amazing and can fix just about anything. I had rushing in my ears (no fluid behind them) and he did an adjustment on my jaw and the roof of my mouth that fixed it. Also does wonders for sinus pressure. Hope you feel better soon! Get rid of those winter blahs! I would take a Vitamin D supplement to help out a bit.

Keep making healthy choices! We can do this and 2013 will be awesome!

Melissa Derrick said...

Hi, I don't see a chiro. It took me about 3 weeks but I finally got it worked out. Thanks for the suggestion on the Vitamin D, I will be looking into it. I have struggled with vitamins in the past because if they contain a binder/filler then they react in my stomach (empty or full) and I end up throwing them back up.