Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How time flies..

I re-joined WW's for the umpteenth time just three months ago. My, how time really does fly. I didn't tell anyone except those closest to me because I was sure anyone else would think I was nuts trying to commit to a WL plan just before Christmas but I knew if I didn't have something to focus myself on that I would feel worse when the holidays were over. I didn't make myself any promises for weightloss. Instead, I focused on relearning the tools and this time...THIS TIME...really doing it. No more half ass attempts. No more I will give it a month and see. No more I will pay for the pass as long as it doesn't cramp us financially, and of course, it was the first to go when things were tough last year. Those who follow my blog know that I have had really good weeks and I have had REALLY bad weeks but what I haven't done in the past 12 weeks is throw in the towel and give up.


Its not a WL plan that I am trying, its a way of life that I am living and loving. I am not deprived either. As I coach my Mom on WW's, she makes me laugh. She often questions things because she has difficulty believing she could eat anything she really wanted as long as she counted it. Not to be mixed up on whether she "should" but as long as you portion control and moderate yourself nothing is out of bounds. Like me, she is learning to separate her "wants" from her "needs". She joined just over a month ago, and she gave me permission to brag that she has lost 8 lbs. and she feels awesome. The first two weeks of losing she would say the scale must be broken. We are a team and our team total is 19 lbs. I totally love having a partner in this but I also know that I am strong enough to do it on my own too. I was so very pleased to have a 2 lb loss on week 12, that I excitedly shared on The Skinny Momma FB page before blogging it.

One BIG Thin-spiration is my daughter, Emma. I want her to grow up feeling good about her body image. Truth: My daughter has heard me say negative things about myself. How many times have you said something like "I look/feel like a cow" not really thinking about your kids who are paying attention? Yeh...not the best role model the last few years for my daughter. I try to build her up by telling her she is beautiful and smart but on the same token, she hears me tear myself down.

That's going to change..
I am challenging myself to not say anything to myself that I wouldn't say to her and if I were to ever utter the above to any kid of mine..well, I think I would die of complete shame. So, why do that to myself. The negative self talk stops. I have done better but much more work to be done.

We registered Emma for Girls on the Run, its her 3rd and final year to participate. This year we will be training together at home. First walking but my ultimate dream would be to run. I have always hated running..ALWAYS. So many of my friends run when they never dreamed that they could. I may not ever be able to run but I look forward to trying. I have low back pain so it may not be in the cards but either way, we will be moving more in March! I am also checking into the YMCA..another way for us as a family to spend time together and get fit.

One final note, I have struggled to break out of the 240's and I am so stoked that I have done it. FINALLY! I have a strong foot hold at 239 and seeing that number is another motivator for me.

What are the Thin-spirtaions in your life? What anchors in your life keep you motivated?

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