Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bullies and Emotional Abuse

I think each and every person who is on a journey to lose weight has had to deal with being bullied at one time or another in their life. We all suffer from self esteem issues because of cutting words said by other kids, or perhaps, our own family members. I wasn't always obese..or even overweight. I was the extreme opposite. I was grossly underweight. I was no smaller a target than a kid with a weight issue. I had extra long limbs and I was pretty much the tallest girl in the class from pre-k through high school. I also had a little deformity on my nose that grew bigger by the day when I was in high school. I still remember one boy in particular decided to make fun of my bump on the bridge of my nose by writing in my yearbook "Cya, Ski Jump!" with a doodle of a face with a nose depicting mine. I was so embarrased but I didn't let him see or his buddies just how hurt I was. I saved my tears for the girls bathroom. I look back to my childhood and although I had good memories, I also had a lot of bad ones that affected me in ways that as an adult I am just finally starting to gain perspective. Please take the time to watch this video and then do the next step and just share it with the world. I had an adult in my life that was a bully. With his words and his actions, he made me feel inferior and unlovable because I think deep down...that is how he felt. I don't think it made him feel better to degrade me and tell me that I am worthless every time he got angry with me. Which, was all the time. As an adult I get it! A part of me is still that 14 yr old girl that...BELIEVED EVERY WORD. Words hurt and wounds the soul of a child, whether said by another child or by an adult, and it can have a LIFETIME effect. End the cycle.

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