Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's a journey, not a sprint!

I realized this week that I hadn't actually written a post since the beginning of March, so I thought perhaps today would be a good day to just update. My weightloss is a journey of babysteps it seems. I am still plugging along and refusing to be discouraged. Every other month, I seem to have a setback at the scale and spend 2-3 weeks trying to get back to where I was and losing again. In previous months, I can be honest and say, it was me tripping myself up but this month I was focused and there was no reason for it other than my body letting me know who is in real control. I gained 2.8 lbs despite my tracking everything, eating healthy, drinking water and planned activity. One week later I lost what I gained and this week I lost one pound so my body is responding again.

I finally hit 5% and I am happy but damn...its not easy. Is it going to take me another 4 months to hit 10%. ugh Incoming mantra..."Just keep swimming..." and "This is a journey not a sprint!" It does get discouraging and in the past I have struggled to keep my focus because who doesn't want a quick return on their investment. We are a "I want it now" society and there lies the problem with how I got here in the first place.

So, I am here.... I am grateful to have a WL buddy aka Mom who pulls me by my hoodie
when I am sluggish and says "Come on Mel...let's keep going!" We help each other and its so comforting to have someone who gets it. She is well on her way to her 10% and I am very happy for her. I will get there..eventually.

So to anyone out there who actually reads this, if you are strugging with your WL and ask yourself "WHY am I doing this if I don't see the results?" I can tell you that not trying and pushing yourself to live healthy and nourish your body with good food will only get you fatter and depressed. I may not see huge numbers at the scale but I know I feel better, I look better and my confidence in myself is coming back. It's worth it because I am worth it..and so are you!

Soooo....Just keep Swimming!

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Felicia said...

I "just keep swimming just keep swimming". I am in the same boat as you in the sense that its like up down up down up down. I am faithfully working out and eating right etc... but its like my progress is on the slow boat to China. *sigh* NOT giving up though. In no hurry to get there if I cant learn to stay there so I am assuming my speed ( or lack of ) is just part of the process to making me understand what will keep me where I am going and not coming back to where I have been. Hang in there! 5% is awesome. 10% will be here before you know it and it will be just as awesome!
*hugs* =0)