Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finding time for me...

Beach Bumming...
Its been a long time since I have done a blog update, funny how time slips by. Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend the week with my husband in Tampa, Florida. I can't even begin to tell you how much I really needed this mini vacation. I had a car rental and spent time exploring from St. Petersberg up to Clearwater Beach. In the evening, my husband and I enjoyed the warm weather and dinner out at various beach areas. I even took the time to just hang at the beach on Treasure Isle. I rented a lounger and relaxed in the sunshine and the cool water of the Gulf. I learned something valuable on my trip and that was that I can enjoy life on my own. I don't need someone with me in order to go out in the world and find my own adventures. I have struggled with anxiety in the past but I pushed past it and really had a great time both on my own and spending much needed time with my husband of almost 20 years.

Before leaving, I really framed myself to not let this excursion be an excuse to let go of my healthy eating
Mahi Mahi Tacos
habits that I had formed. I didn't want to come home and have a huge setback on my WL journey. We stocked our mini fridge with bottled water and I brought WW snacks with me and we picked up fresh hand fruit to keep in the room. Eating can be a challenge when you are on vacation but I pre-planned as much as I could and tried to steer clear of the unhealthy things. I think my favorite meal while there was the Mahi Mahi Tacos and the House Salad that I had at Crabby Bill's in Clearwater Beach. I was more than pleased to step on the scale today and find that I had a 2 oz. flucuation. AWESOME!!

Watched the sunset on the Calypso Queen.
Our last night was spent aboard the Calypso Queen. The food was not stellar but the ambience and entertainment was fun. We enjoyed touring outside the marina and they even pointed out a home owned by Tom Cruise. No celebrity sighting  though. We let it out to the DJ that we were on our honeymoon after 20 years of marriage and he announced it and found something to play for us to add to the romance of the evening. It was a beautiful night to remember.

Just in case anyone who has me in their reads wondered if I had bailed on my WL journey I can assure you I am still plugging along. Two weeks ago I hit my 15 lb loss (5% Goal) and I am working on my next 5%. I have been extremely busy with renovations to the house my Mom owns and we will soon share. Hopefully next week I will remember to post some photos of our latest changes. We are in the middle of painting bedrooms and getting carpet laid. The color I chose for our bedroom is almost the color orange of the sunset but its called Roasted Pumpkin. I plan to do some prints from our trip and decorate with things to remind me of our fabulous trip. I was reminded of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful and loving husband by my side for the last 20 years. He has always loved me unconditionally, no matter what size I am or manic state I might be going through as we raise kids and I hit my milestone of 40. What woman could ask for more?
Matthew making his birthday wish...
We were sad to get on the plane the next morning but happy to get home to see our family. The weather in Michigan is not as balmy and warm as the sunshine state but its home. We celebrated on Saturday our oldest son Matthew turning 19. He is just about done with his first year of college and I am amazed by how grown up he has little boy turned into this passionate and caring man before our eyes. What a journey we have had the last 20 years!

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