Monday, May 13, 2013

WL Update

21.6 lbs gone and 48.4 lbs to go...
Getting there...learning life lessons along the way. Letting go of emotional baggage and learning more about my body and what works.

I am constantly amazed that I am still sticking it out on WW's 360, I may not have huge losses but the program has truly taught me so much about controlling my spaces, mindful eating and changing my attitude about routines.

Life is super busy right now, my Mom is now living with us and I think the arrangement will work out nicely. We are WW buddies, too! Meal planning, cooking and having a walking buddy just got much easier!
Molly Mugs
I was so stoked to have a 6.6 lb loss after all my hard work and to be honest, it wasn't that hard but I do have to keep my body going. The chilly weather we had this weekend is moving out and I am looking forward to getting back on a morning and night routine with our favorite puppy in the house. I never cared for dogs before but Molly has wormed her way into my heart and I can't imagine life without her around this past year. She is so happy to be home with us, kids running in and much excitement for her and she LOVES every moment.

So ready for the warm weather to come and stay, planting flowers are on the agenda and some new shrubs. The house is starting to come together with the renovations. Everything is painted and carpeted, now to get the trim up. We are still shrinking the "stuff" in the house...reducing the clutter and donating what we can. My mind is less cluttered and less depressed when we live more simply!

Thanks to those who still visit, I hope to get back to blogging each week again but I suppose my lack of blogging is due to simply being busy by living life and that isn't a bad thing for me. Happy Spring!


Felicia =0) said...

YOU GO GIRL! You are looking amazing by the way! We had 90's last 2 days here. WAY to hot this early WHEW! But I am enjoying getting out in the yard for once. Got my herbs and squash and cucumbers planted today and hope to get tomatoes in later this week ( waiting on some soil ). Live Simply. Love that. We try and do that here to. Not always a success lol but we try. Have a super wonderful week! *hugs* =0)

Melissa Derrick said...

Thanks Felicia..little by little we will get there. Your garden sounds great, I think we will do some Tomato plants on the deck and I think I will do an Herb garden. I wanted to plants chives, cilantro, basil and parsley. My Mom was thinking of bringing in some dirt to get a garden going but that is a lot of work and I think we better just start small this year. We might do a small raised garden with Green Beans, Peppers and Squash. Have a good week!