Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Blessing named Jesse..

I feel a bit lazy and its a bit sad, that I have reduced myself to only posting monthly. This post will have absolutely nothing to do with weightloss or me, I will update that hopefully before next month. lol

Where does the time go?

Anyone who has been a parent or a teacher, you can totally relate to how busy life can be in the Spring. Between my daughter running her 5K with GOTR last month, field trips and end of the school year events like field day, 5th Grade Celebration and this Thursday the much awaited day of the year for both the kids and myself...LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Its also coincidentally, my son Jesse's 17th birthday. Talk about time flying by WAY to fast!

Jesse Qoute
"I got an award for being good at English, I'm not sure why
cus English is my native language."
Jesse is my 2nd oldest son and his life was truly a gift. His delivery wasn't the smoothest but I won't go into that birthing trauma. When he was a few hours old the family doctor came in to examine him and she heard heart tones on the right side of his chest instead of the left. She was concerned he had a condition in which the heart shifts so she sent him for an x-ray to rule it out. They brought him back to me and I tried to nurse him. (he was a pretty lethargic eater vs his older brother)  Shortly after he was brought to me the nurse came back to take him again for x-rays. I wouldn't let her until she told me why they had to repeat them.

She informed me that the first x-rays didn't get an accurate picture because it was showing that he had two collapsed lungs otherwise known as a double Pneumo-thorax. She urged me not to worry because it was obviously wrong, newborns who develop this condition crash and have to be resuscitated. As a young Mom that is too frightening to comprehend. The 2nd set of x-rays confirmed that he did indeed have two collapsed lungs and they debated on whether to ship him to a larger hospital via ambulance. They put him on oxygen and decided that because he seemed so strong and not critical, which was the miracle, he was better off staying put. He stayed an extra 48 hours which gave his lungs the time to stabilize and he was again breathing on his own at full functional lung capacity. The hospital staff let me know many times they had never seen a child not need to be revived in Jesse's situation and he truly must have had angels protecting him.

I have no doubt to that truth!

He doesn't like me to tell him his birth story because I think its embarassing to him and due to his Autism he doesn't seem to comprehend the overwhelming vast amount of love and thankfulness I feel to have been given the gift of Jesse to raise as my child. He has grown into a very thoughtful and compassionate young man who isn't afraid to stand up for what is right and what is wrong with the world. Those who truly take the time to get to know Jesse never walk away without an appreciation for his humor nor his intelligence. Many kids his age don't quite relate to him because he is more "eccentric" but those that have befriended him couldn't have asked for a more loyal and caring friend.

So very proud of you Jesse...Happy 17th, kiddo!

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