Sunday, June 30, 2013

WL Frustration

I have had to channel the lil' Dory inside of me a LOT lately. My body is all over the place the last month. Coincidentally, about the same time my husband had to take a layoff from his position or be demoted. Stress and anxiety can really wreak havoc with weight-loss despite my trying to stay focused by tracking, making good choices and staying active. Ever since I celebrated my 10% I have been up or down 1-2 lbs. I have had to beat down the old me and not give in to the urge to give up or just binge on comfort food. It really is a vicious cycle when you have struggled with your weight your entire life or for me, it was my adult life. I have always used food as a way to have control over my life when everything else was far out of my control. I am grateful for the support I have gotten through WW 360, they have provided many tips to help get you through the tough times. I know I am in a better place now vs 6 months ago or even a year ago as I was dealing with the loss of our home, moving and the death of my stepfather that left me with much baggage to sort through emotionally.

Although I haven't been blogging, I am still on this journey. One day at a time. I am enjoying the nice summer weather and my non-scale victories are my reminder of why I must "keep swimming". Difference between last year and now, I am able to mow the lawn with the push mower without being laid up for a week with pain. The last 3 weeks, I would mow it over a 3 day period and this week it was pretty much in one day. I was quite proud of myself, although I do have to take a break every 20-30 minutes. I think I drank roughly 4-5 bottles of water. (16 oz) Gotta stay hydrated!

Another non-scale victory are my clothes are getting baggy and I have dropped two pant sizes since last November and people who don't see me often are noticing that I have begun to slim down. My reminder that the scale does not define my success, as long as I stay focused and "just keep swimming" the scale will start moving again. If you still visit and read, you have my sincerest gratitude! Blessings to you as we begin a new week on this journey.


Hannah Taylor said...

Hi! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!

Melissa Derrick said...

Hi Hannah, thanks for stopping by. I have never been asked about having a feature guest post and I am afraid I don't know much about that. If you would like to email me ( and share more I would be happy to take it under consideration.