Monday, August 26, 2013

Plateau or not a plateau?

That seems to be the question.

How much fun would a weight-loss journey be if you didn't have lulls at the scale, right? I tend to have them often. There are some months that I lose consistently, not much every week but my other mantra is "every little bit counts!" The month of August seems to have been a huge waste of time when I look at my weight-loss record.

I know, I know...cue the violins I am having a self pity moment.

I have to look beyond the numbers. I have had some positive and consistent changes that I have maintained. So how was that a huge waste of time? One of the questions asked of us at WW's today was "What was one thing/change that you have learned or done this summer that has made a difference in your weight-loss?"

For me, it goes back to that quote: "She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans."

Three months ago I wasn't walking consistently and I never dreamed of making running a part of my activity. I always told myself I can't because of my back and joint pain caused by Marfan Syndrome. (connective tissue disorder) I gave up without even really trying. Now, I am walking daily up to a mile and some of that mile I am jogging. That is a huge change in my life over the summer. The other is yard work. In June, it would take 3 days to mow the acre and a half property and now I got it down to one day with a push mower. What a testimony to my increase in stamina and endurance!

Patience. That is the one God given virtue that I do not possess and God intends to constantly teach me..ever so painfully..until I get it. I have come such a long way...33 pounds is nothing to be taken lightly. I have a bit more to go but I am proud of myself for not throwing in the towel.

Getting to my goal is going to be hard earned
but it will be a reward worth earning even the hard way.

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