Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facing Truths

Truth...I am human. I am not a Super Mom, wife or woman. Sometimes I soar and think I am, but when I come crashing back down I fall hard thanks to this phenomena called LIFE!

Truth...I am a survivor. Life has thrown me a lot of curve balls, and this past year was no exception but I keep plugging along, as imperfect that I am and life goes on.

Truth...Life will continue to whip me around with those curve balls unless I take control of it and never stop trying.

Happy New Year...time just keeps moving. I am sure that like many, I am not the only one who is happy to say "See ya, 2013!"...ppffftt. It was a tough year for me on many levels and this year I hope to take the time to enjoy the positives more than the negatives. 2013 ended giving me the big finger the whole way. We lost power for several days (Ice storm) for the 2nd time in two months just days away from Christmas. It was a highly emotional time for me because of the holidays but also because my son had just gotten out of the hospital after having extensive surgery to reconstruct his chest due to  Pectus Carinatum caused by Marfan Syndrome. We did get our Christmas miracle with the power restored late Christmas Eve, saving Christmas Day so that we could make a decent HOT meal and the kids could enjoy their new electronic toys.

I am not a winter person and with the days shorter and the endless storms we have had and the wicked cold as of late, life can get depressing when you are locked in the house day after day with your kids..and mother. My kids were suppose to resume school last Monday but we had 15-20 inches (depending on where you stood) dumped on us and then the temps plummeted to dangerous negative numbers making it impossible for the kids to be outside. Four days after the big snow and we are still waiting for a county plow to make it down our neighborhood.

Another truth...I did not attend a single WW meeting the entire month of December. BIG MISTAKE! I did really well through Thanksgiving staying focused and working out but slowly I fell apart. Gabe and I went into the hospital on December 17th and I never left him. Hospital food is expensive and not healthy. It was a struggle and many times, comfort food was all I wanted. I did still try to walk while he slept but slowly that fell away and I would sleep when he slept because sleeping through the night with nurses and doctor's coming and going all night was just elusive. Depression was my biggest obstacle and let's just admit, I fell flat on my face fighting that last month, too.

But moving on...its January! I am determined to get myself back on track. I have a 7lb Holiday gain to hurdle over first. I renewed my monthly pass on Tuesday and I am tracking everything. Looking forward to heading back to the gym today or tomorrow, too. I have cleaned up my spaces by getting rid of the holiday junk and replacing it with healthier choices and revamped my routines. I got in the nasty habit of sleeping in and not having breakfast in the morning. No more slacking. I have 40 lbs more to lose and its time to get it done!

If you are visiting me for the first time, welcome and thanks and I hope you visit again. I will be sharing new to me recipes, inspirations and my journey. Good and bad. I hope you stick around and share your WL journey with me.

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