Tuesday, August 23, 2016

“What… does a woman want?”

 That was a question posed by my soon to be ex-husband on Social Media. It was interesting to see what others said in response to him. One female friend said all they really want is to be taken shopping for sexy lingerie, good sex and their attention. Nothing wrong I suppose with that, we all love to have attention showered on us but when you are talking about a relationship those are superficial things that won't sustain a relationship for very long, will it?

     I was told very recently by my ex that I was delusional if I really think there is someone, in my case another man, who has the same values as I do. See, what I have always wanted from my spouse is for him to have integrity, to be honest with me and not degrade me by lying to me with what he calls acceptable "white lies" or looking at other women.

     Honesty is one of the most core foundations and if you don't have that between intimate partners or a spouse then you don't have a strong foundation for when things get tough. Life does happen, but if you can't trust your spouse with the most basic things then the big things blow you apart.

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